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Our Process

The spirit of our planning process originates from the centuries old language of the sea. The mainsail is the principal sail on a sailboat giving you momentum to navigate the waters. As our name implies, Mainsail Advisor Group, LLC acts as the experienced professionals who provide focused guidance to clients by matching our proven planning process to the individual needs of clients. Helping you, the client, stay the course to achieve the goals that are important to you and your crew.

True Bearing

Every journey has a starting point. Prior to meeting, we will gather documentation to establish your current financial position and true bearing.


After assessing your point-of-origin, we will meet with you personally to document and have you express what is truly important to you and your loved ones. We will identify landmarks, assess your risk tolerance and the impediments on the horizon prior to charting your course.

Charting Course

The Mainsail team takes special care and skill in charting your expedition. We evaluate your risk tolerance, locate distress signals and develop an effective plan of action to implement efficiently prior to setting sail.

Setting Sail

Once we leave the dock, the course and compass will be our guide. The Mainsail team will strengthen our resolve as your experienced advisor for you – our client.

Checking the Compass

There will be navigational aids to guide us through both the sunshine and storms. We keep our eyes on the horizon by offering periodic reviews and ongoing support to make sure that changes to the course are consistent with your goals.

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